Al-muthanna University is situated in the birthplace of the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk, one of the world’s oldest cities. Muthanna Governorate is an important center for the production of cement and other construction materials. In 2005 an oil refinery was opened in Muthanna, which processes crude oil from the Kifl oil field. The salt waters of Lake Sawa provide salt, which is used as a raw material in various industries. The lake’s touristic infrastructure has dilapidated over the years, but the area still holds the potential to be developed into a touristic hotspot.

The Engineering College in Al-Muthanna University has been founded in 24/7/2008, with 2 departments; Civil and Chimical Engineering. Currently, it occupies 4 departments; Architecture department and Electronic and Communication department in addition to the existing two departments.

The college is managed by elite of Engineering professor who seeks to improve the quality of students and makes great efforts to promote the college scientific level.

An outstanding staff who participate in promoting the college standard and continuously evolving local market responsive by professionals who are dedicated for excellence to deliver the innovative solutions that will improve productivity in all sectors of the economy in Almuthanna governorate. The first international scientific conference for engineering science and technology (ICEST2020) for the college of Engineering at Al-Muthanna University was held in cooperation with Liverpool John Moores University/UK. The conference was featured by wide participation of a number of researchers and specialists from various international  and Iraqi universities, on 23-24 / December 2020.